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I’m often asked about the benefits of girls’ education and why St Mary’s doesn’t consider becoming a coeducational school. Apart from our fine history and tradition there are many other very good reasons why we are committed to providing the very best education we can for girls in the Illawarra.


At St Mary’s, the girls hold every leadership position in the College - on the stage, on sporting fields, at college assemblies and in classrooms. Whatever roles need filling our girls step up and take responsibility. The evidence would also indicate that girls achieve greater academic success and are more confident and assertive in single sex environments.

Girls in single sex schools are also more likely to study in the areas of science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) to pursue a career in what has been seen to be non-traditional areas. Girls are also more likely to perform at higher levels in sport and physical education. If this is not enough, girls at all girls schools have higher aspirations, greater motivation and are challenged to achieve more than their female peers in other schools.

At St Mary’s, we believe the culture of our school provides a unique socialisation process that allows young women the freedom to reach beyond stereotypical career expectations. So why an all girls’ school?I guess for me the more important question is why not an all girls’ school?

Further information on this topic is provided below.

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Dr Frank Pitt



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